Acanthus Apparel

Acanthus started as a hobby when we were dating and now we are married and Acanthus has grown with us.

Here's how it works... After we come up with ideas we each have our roles. Joshua draws all of the Acanthus designs and turns them into screens. Alyssa orders all of the blanks, screen prints and is in charge off the marketing and online sales. It's worked out pretty well for the last 10 years.

Over the years we have sold Acanthus in many locations, starting off in a high end boutique doing designer t-shirts and then simplifying things for tattoo conventions. We've also sold apparel at Von Maur in Des Moines, several artist run boutiques and tattoo studios around the country.

You can find us now at markets in the Des Moines area and at tattoo conventions across the country.

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